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Rod & Stud Fasteners

Threaded rod and full thread studs are manufactured from high quality materials, providing proven strength and durability for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Threaded rods and stud bolts deliver the fastening results you need and are available in a variety of lengths and material options.

At Wink Global, we offer premium stainless steel threaded rod and stud fasteners at budget-friendly prices. Our discounted stainless steel rods and studs are on hand with unsurpassed quality and consistency.

Stainless Steel Stud & Rod Product Options

At Wink Global, we provide a wide range of stainless steel rod and stud options for your project needs. Whether you are looking for rod and stud fasteners that provide unsurpassed corrosion resistance our stocked SS stud and rod fasteners are available and meet your project specifications.

All Thread Rod Fasteners

Continuously threaded from each end, all thread rod or fully threaded rods are commonly utilized in a broad range of construction applications.

Stud Bolts

Threaded rods outfitted with two heavy hex nuts; stud bolts are utilized in high pressure bolting applications for all types of sealing and flange connections. Full thread studs with one nut are primarily used in concrete as anchors. At Wink Global, we stock stud bolts in several different material options including 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and numerous exotic alloys.


Full Thread Stud & Rod Fastener Material Options

Rod and stud fasteners are available in a broad range of material options to support your project’s exact specifications. Wink Global offers the following stainless steel and exotic alloys for your stud and rod fastener needs:

316 Stainless Steel Rod & Stud Fasteners

With superior resistance to chlorides and acids when compared with SS 304, stainless steel 316 rod and stud fasteners are ideal for corrosive environments where carbon steel would fail. Stainless steel 316 rod and stud fasteners provide an increased functional lifespan for applications that endure corrosive environments like salt water. This is often referred to as marine grade stainless.

304 Stainless Steel Rod & Stud Fasteners

Whether your project requires advanced corrosion resistance, good strength, good weldability, or easy fabrication, stainless steel 304 threaded rod products can be a good solution for a broad range of applications.

Other Material Options

At Wink Global, our rod and stud fasteners are available in a wide variety of exotic metals. Coveted for their strength, corrosion resistance, and heat tolerance, exotic alloys are ideal for demanding work conditions where high-performance is a must. Rod and stud fasteners manufactured from exotic alloys are ideal for applications that require enhanced performance capabilities. Exotic alloy material options include:

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