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Nut Fasteners

Fastener nuts provide the essential tightening and holding power that is required for nearly any job. When combined with a threaded bolt and washer, nuts provide secure holds for any project that requires the proper joining of two or more materials. Whether you are searching for finished (regular) hex, heavy hex, hex jam, cap, keps, flange, or lock nut fasteners, we have the nuts you need to get the job done right.
Wink Global’s fastener nuts are available in a variety of materials including 316 and 18.8 stainless steel, bronze, brass, nickel, and titanium. With ultra-competitive price points and shipping options that are designed to meet your delivery needs, Wink Global has you covered.

Fastener Nut Product Options

Wink Global’s nut fasteners are available in 18.8 Stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, titanium, silicon bronze, brass, and nickel alloys. Fastener nut options include:

Finished Hex Nuts

Finished hex nuts, otherwise known as regular nuts, are the most versatile and widely used commercial nut design available today. These six sided, finished hexagonal fastener nuts are internally threaded and primarily used to secure mechanical joints.

Heavy Hex Nuts

Heavy hex nuts are frequently used on flanges and other robust applications. The across the flats dimension is larger than the finished pattern so a larger wrench size is required for the same diameter.

Hex Jam Nuts

Hex jam nuts are the same width across the flats of the hexagon as the finished pattern hex nuts. The hex jam nuts are thinner and are primarily used in conjunction with a finished nut to secure the finished nut in place, i.e. jam the finished nut.

Hex Machine Screw Nuts

Hex machine screw nuts are used on machine screws and are a smaller pattern than the finished pattern hex nuts.


Locknuts are commonly used for high vibration applications. Nylon insert locknuts are the most common and vibration causes the threads to form a tight, frictional fit, restricting movement of the screw. Locknuts are extremely durable and will resist loosening in nearly all types of industrial equipment and marine applications.

Keps Nuts

Keps nuts are manufactured with a free spinning serrated washer that is attached to the nut. Keps nuts are designed to create tension against the material when installed onto a bolt. Once the bolt is tightened the keps nut uses its teeth to form a secure hold against the object or material.

Cap Nuts

Cap nuts, also referred to as acorn nuts, are internally threaded nut fasteners that also feature a dome protective top. Often utilized in plumbing, playgrounds and industrial applications, the cap nuts protective cover provides enhanced security and aesthetic appeal for a broad range of applications.

Flange Nuts

Flange nuts are manufactured with a washer base that enhances the overall surface area of the nut, creating tighter holds. Flange nuts are regularly utilized for applications that benefit from a single washer/nut fastener instead of two separate fasteners.

Fastener Nut Material Options

Wink Global’s nuts are available in several different materials, providing a perfect match for your project’s exact specifications. Nut material options include:

  • Stainless Steel
    • 316 SS
    • 18.8 SS
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Silicon Bronze
  • Nickel

Stainless Steel Nut Fastener Metric Sizes

Wink Global offers metric size options for our entire inventory of 316 and 18.8 stainless steel nuts. If your project requires metric sized 316 or 18.8 stainless steel nut fasteners, Wink Global has you covered!