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Anchor Fasteners

Designed in a variety of styles including drop in, wedge, or hammer drive, anchor fasteners provide unparalleled steel to concrete holding power for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether your project is commercial, or industrial, stainless steel anchor anchors will provide years of service.
At Wink Global, we have premium SS anchor fasteners at budget-friendly prices. Our discounted stainless steel anchors are manufactured with unsurpassed quality and consistency. Designed and manufactured with precision tolerances and extreme detail our drive, wedge, and drop in anchor fasteners provide the quality you expect.

Anchor Fastener Product Options

At Wink Global, we provide a wide range of stainless steel anchor options for your project needs. If you are looking for anchor fasteners that provide unsurpassed corrosion resistance, our stocked stainless steel anchors should meet your project specifications.

Wedge Anchors

Heavy-duty wedge anchors are used exclusively in concrete applications and are one of the strongest fastener products in existence. Stainless steel wedge anchors are installed into pre-drilled holes within the concrete, creating a solid and secure base for various commercial and industrial applications. Wedge anchor benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Reliable construction
  • Permanent

Hammer Drive Anchors

Two part hammer drive anchors consist of a zinc anchor and a steel or stainless nail. Drive anchors are exclusively designed to provide unparalleled fastening solutions for fastening to concrete, stone, brick, or block materials, SS hammer drive anchors provide the reliability and durability your project requires. Drive anchor advantages include:

  • Highly versatile
  • Permanent
  • Easy to install
  • Integrates with numerous materials

Drop In Anchors

Female comprised, SS drop in anchors provide secure concrete fastening for a broad range of applications including those that require a flush mounted anchor, or where a bolt needs to be inserted and removed. A setting tool is required to set the anchor in the concrete. Drop in anchor benefits include:

  • Enhanced holding strength
  • Simple installation
  • Permanent hold
  • Versatile design

Stainless Steel Anchor Alloy Options

Wink Global’s stainless steel anchor fasteners are available in several different stainless steel alloys. Each alloy provides exclusive beneficial features based on your project’s specific requirements. Our stainless steel options include the following:

316 Stainless Steel

With superior resistance to chlorides and acids when compared with SS 304, stainless steel 316 anchors are ideal for highly corrosive environments where other types of stainless steel would fail. Stainless steel 316 anchors provide an increased functional lifespan for applications that endure highly corrosive environments. This is often referred to as marine grade stainless.

18.8 (or 304) Stainless Steel

18.8 stainless refers to the 18% chromium and 8% nickel content and is the most common stainless for all types of fasteners. Several 300 series alloys are included in 18.8. They include 301, 302 HQ (Heading Quality), 303, 304, 304 M (modified). 18.8 stainless steel anchors provide extremely good tensile strength ranges and their 18% chromium, and 8% nickel content provide non-magnetic qualities that resist corrosion and rust.
Anchors manufactured from stainless steel 18.8 are extremely cost-effective when compared to other stainless steel alloys.

Premium Exotic Alloys

Coveted for their strength, corrosion resistance, and heat tolerance, exotic alloys are ideal for demanding work conditions where high- performance is a must. At Wink Global, we may have full thread studs to be used with epoxy for this purpose. Exotic alloy material options include:

If you see a part you need, order them today. Since Wink Global sells surplus parts, they may not be available tomorrow.