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Pointed Screws

Pointed screws are ideal for all hard-hitting applications requiring a fastener that glides through the material with ease. Pointed screws are available in several styles, sizes, and materials at deeply discounted prices to serve your project needs.

Wink Global offers the best-discounted pricing on our entire inventory of premium pointed screw products, including wood screws, sheet metal screws, deck screws, and more!

To purchase any of our discounted pointed screw fasteners, simply click on the product and follow the links to checkout. At Wink Global, we are here to support your business by providing premium pointed screw products at discounted wholesale prices.

Clearance Pointed Screw Product Options

At Wink Global, we provide a wide range of pointed screw options in several materials for your project needs. If you are looking for a pointed screw that offers unsurpassed corrosion resistance, we stock stainless steel pointed screws manufactured to industry standards. Pointed screw product options include:

  • Wood Screws
  • Sheet Metal Screws
  • Deck Screws
  • Lag Screws

Clearance Pointed Screw Material Options

Wink Global offers discounted pointed screw products in a wide range of material options to serve your precise application needs. Our pointed screw material product options include:

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 18.8 Stainless Steel

Purchase Pointed Screws at Discounted Prices Today

Wink Global is your trusted clearance hardware supplier. Everything we have is on this website. Think of this as your “Buy Now” option for high-quality hardware products. Since our pointed screws are clearance items, they will not be replaced once they sell. New clearance, low-cost fastener products will be added when we find deals worth sharing.