Hammer Drive Anchors

Hammer drive anchors are designed to be set in concrete, brick, or a block base using a hammer. The anchor is inserted into a predrilled hole, then hammered to engage the expanding mechanism. These anchors are manufactured for light-duty fastening and are typically best suited for use in indoor environments.

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Applications for Hammer Drive Anchors

Hammer drive anchors are light-duty anchors designed primarily for indoor use. These relatively easy-to-use fasteners can be used to provide anchoring in brick, concrete, and solid block surfaces. While they do not provide the holding strength of other concrete anchors, hammer drive anchors are a good option for smaller, lighter anchoring jobs.

Benefits of Wedge Anchors at Wink Global

  • Relatively easy to use compared to other solid surface anchors
  • Excellent anchoring options for masonry applications
  • Creates a permanent anchor

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