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Discount Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts, also known as coach bolts, are designed with a rounded head and square shoulder. The square shoulder design allows the carriage bolt to resist turning when tightened against wood with a conjoining nut. This unique self-locking feature makes carriage bolts an ideal fastener for wood-to-wood and wood-to-steel applications.

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Applications for Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts are often used in wood structures. The smooth head of carriage bolts greatly reduces the angular edges often found on other fastener head types. This rounded head can be desirable for aesthetic purposes that require a smooth finish. Carriage bolts are often manufactured from stainless steel. Some common applications for carriage bolts include:
  • Carpentry
  • Railroad
  • Mining
  • Wood bridges
  • Wood-to-wood & wood-to-metal applications

Advantages of Carriage Bolts

The smooth, rounded head of carriage bolts offers several unique benefits, including:
  • Increased security: not easily removed without access to the nut)
  • Greater safety: less sharp edging than other fastener head types
  • Aesthetic value: many applications require a visually smooth finish

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