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Locknuts are special nuts designed to resist loosening for a more secure hold. Locknuts come in a variety of types in a range of materials. These nuts are designed to provide consistent holding strength despite vibration and movement.

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Applications for Locknuts

Locknuts are used to prevent loosening due to vibrations or external rotation. Because locknuts resist loosening due to movement, they are ideal nuts for use in transportation applications. Common uses for locknuts include:
  • Automotive parts
  • Railroad equipment
  • Transportation vehicles & equipment

Locknut Types & Benefits

There are various types of locknuts, each with unique benefits. Locknut types include:
  • Keps Nuts: feature an attached, free-spinning washer with teeth that dig into the fastening surface.
  • Nylon Insert Locknuts (Nylock Nuts): characterized by its fixed nylon collar ring. The nyon ring forms a tight fit around the threading of the bolt.
  • Thin Nylon Insert Locknuts: a thinner, low-profile version of nylon insert locknuts.
  • Flex Type Locknut: all-metal lock nuts with a slotted collar. The slotted collar expands when tightened against a bolt

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