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Sheet Metal Screws

Designed for fastening metal pieces to a variety of surfaces including plastic, wood, or aluminum, sheet metal (self-tapping) screws eliminate the need for separate tapping or guide holes as they have sharp tips. Sheet metal screws are fully threaded to help secure sheet metal or any material that you’re working with in place. Wink Global carries a comprehensive selection of sheet metal screws ranging by size, head, and slot variations for a variety of applications including:

  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • HVAC Projects
  • Rain Gutter Installation
  • DIY Projects & More

Contact the experts at Wink Global for all your sheet metal screw requirements or find additional solutions to your project needs by visiting our Machine Screws or Socket Cap Screw pages.

Sheet Metal Screw Benefits

Sheet metal screws allow you to quickly and efficiently secure screws without the need for an initial tap or guide hole. This lets you easily pierce hard surfaces while saving on preparation time. Wink Global offers stainless steel and Monel® screws that provide enhanced reliability and performance by withstanding rust, corrosion, and external factors brought upon by weather for a longer-lasting solution compared to standard steel screws. Our all-thread designs give you superior holding to make sure your jobs hold up longer.
Not seeing the right self-tapping screw for your project? Search industrial fasteners by material options or contact a Wink Global representative and let us find a solution based on your specific job requirements.

Self-Tapping Screw Types & Material Options

Wink Global is fully stocked on ultra-durable 316 stainless steel, 18.8 stainless steel and Monel 400® sheet metal screws. These resilient metals have low corrosion rates and exhibit great mechanical properties in high and subzero temperatures, so you can save on repair time and costly replacement screws. Find the right screw for your job with our variety of self-tapping screw types including:

  • Hex Type
  • Phillips Pan Type
  • Square Pan Type
  • Oval Undercut Type
  • Flathead Type & More

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Discounted Stainless Sheet Metal Screws

Our sprawling inventory of discount stainless steel screws and fastener products allows us to offer industry-leading wholesale pricing without compromising on the premium quality that Wink Global is known for.
Browse the huge selection of discounted products we have available for immediate shipment and order before our surplus supplies run out or contact us online for immediate pricing options.