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Round, Hex, Truss, and Cheese Head Machine Screws

Wink Global offers various clearance machine screws, including round, hex, truss, and cheese head machine screws. Order from our wide selection of high-quality fasteners today while supplies last!

Features of Round, Hex, Truss, and Cheese Head Machine Screws

Machine screw heads come in a wide range of configurations, with each style offering unique advantages. In addition to pan, oval, and flat heads, machine screw head styles include:
  • Round Head Machine Screws: Similar to pan head screws, round head machine screws feature a rounded head. However, unlike pan heads, the head of a round head machine screw is fully domed and does not have flattened sides.
  • Hex Washer Machine Screws: Hex washer machine screws are characterized by a hex head with an integrated washer. This washer creates a larger bearing surface.
  • Truss Head Machine Screws: Truss head screws, or oven head screws, are defined by their broad, low-profile heads. Truss head screws can cover a larger surface diameter compared to other machine screws.
  • Cheese Head Machine Screws: Cheese head machine screws feature a narrower head than pan head screws, allowing the screw to fit in tighter areas.

Order Clearance Round, Hex, Truss, & Cheese Head Machine Screws

Wink Global offers discount machine screws in various sizes and materials. Like all of our surplus fasteners, these products are available until supplies run out. When specific variations of our machine screws are sold out, they will not be restocked. Our stock products are sold at low prices until the inventory is gone.

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