Stainless Steel Set Screws

Often referred to as socket set screws or grub screws, a set screw is a threaded fastener primarily used to secure a component or affix two or more loose parts. Set screws are used to create compression forces that firmly hold two objects together without a nut. Generally, the pinning action of the set screw is what sets it apart from other fastener products.

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Other Material Options

Wink Global’s offers a broad in-stock selection of set screws in several material options. We offer our high-quality discounted set screws in the following material options:

Clearance Set Screw Options

At Wink Global, we supply several unique set screw options to suit your exact project specifications. Our experts can provide you with the perfect set screw to cover your complete application requirements. We offer the following set screw products.

Cone Point Set Screws

Most often utilized for permanent installations, cone point set screws are manufactured with a sharp, cone-shaped point that wedges into the contact material, thus delivering the strongest torsional and axial holding power of all the set screws styles. Cone point set screw advantages include:

  • Solid grip
  • Penetrate underlying surfaces
  • Permanent installations

Square Head & Straight Slot Set Screws

Available in both recessed and external variants, square head and straight slot set screws increase torque and decrease slippage. Square head and straight slot set screw advantages include:

  • Increased torque
  • Less slippage
  • Easier insertion
  • Holds the screw on the tool tip

Cup Point Set Screws

Manufactured with a slightly concave recess in the flat end of their tips, cup point set screws are the most common set screw variety. Set screws are designed for permanent holds within both hard and soft surfaces and provide the following advantages:

  • Thinner circumference of the cup
  • Good torque
  • Enhanced locking force
  • Minimizes the risk of damage to the screw shaft

Dog Point Set Screws

Dog point set screws and half-dog point set screws are designed with a lengthened, protruding tip or nose flattened out at the end. They are often referred to as extended point set screws. Dog point set screw advantages include:

  • Utilized in equivalent sized hole or recess in the underlying material surface
  • Permanent or semi-permanent settings

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