Nickel 200 Fasteners

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Nickel is a corrosion-resistant metal with good strength. While nickel is often used as a component in various alloys, Wink Global carries a limited supply of Nickel 200 fasteners that are primarily comprised of commercially pure nickel. Order today before supplies run out!

Applications for Nickel 200 Fasteners

Nickel fasteners contain excellent corrosion resistance, especially against sodium hydroxide and alkalis. This resistance makes nickel fasteners ideal for applications that require exposure to most acidic elements, alkalis, and seawater. Nickel is a relatively expensive material compared to other alloys used for fasteners, but the benefits of nickel can be necessary for applications requiring exceptional corrosion resistance.

Nickel Fastener Practical Uses

Nickel fasteners are used in a variety of commercial and recreational applications, including:
  • Marine and seawater equipment
  • Exhaust systems
  • Components for valves and pumps
  • Shafts
  • High-heat applications
  • Food processing equipment

Benefits of Corrosion Resistant Nickel 200 Fasteners

Because nickel is a highly versatile material, nickel fasteners can be used in almost any environment. Environments that involve exposure to corrosive elements are ideal for Nickel 200 fasteners. Additional benefits of nickel fasteners include:
  • Low expansion with high strength
  • Electrical resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Resistant to alkalis
  • Resistant to most acids, including hydrofluoric acid
  • Magnetic (except at extremely high temperatures)

Discount Nickel Fastener Options at Wink Global

As a wholesale fastener distributor, Wink Global offers a limited stock of premium nickel fasteners at heavily discounted prices. Corrosion-resistant Nickel fastener options at Wink Global include:

Order Premium Nickel Fasteners from Wink Global at Discount Prices

Wink Global carries a limited stock of high-quality, corrosion-resistant nickel fasteners at wholesale prices, including washers, hex nuts, and threaded studs. If you are looking for nickel fasteners, order today while supplies last. Wink Global is your supplier for discount fasteners!