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Silicon Bronze 651

  • brass-bolt

Silicon Bronze 651 is an alloy comprised of copper and silicon, often used in electrical power distribution applications. Silicon Bronze 651 has higher corrosion resistance and strength than brass, making it an ideal material for plumbing and marine environments. Wink Global carries a limited supply of discounted silicon bronze hex bolts, nuts, and more. Order today before supplies run out!

Applications for Silicon Bronze Fasteners

Because silicon bronze fasteners provide high corrosion resistance, they can be used in industrial environments where heavy moisture and chemical exposure is present. Its electrical conductivity makes silicon bronze fasteners the perfect solution for use in electric circuitry applications. Silicon bronze fasteners are also desirable for applications that require a bronze color rather than a silver-colored fastener.

Silicon Bronze Fastener Practical Uses

Silicon bronze is an excellent fastener material for several uses, including:
  • Electrical circuitry and distribution
  • Plumbing applications
  • Marine vessels
  • Decking and outdoor structures
  • Projects that require a bronze color fastener

Discount Silicon Bronze Fastener Options at Wink Global

As a wholesale fastener distributor, Wink Global carries a limited stock of Silicon Bronze hex bolts, nuts, and more at discounted prices. Find premium, high-quality Silicon Bronze fasteners at Wink Global.

Silicon Bronze Hex Bolts

Silicon Bronze hex bolts offer enhanced strength with excellent corrosion resistance. Hex bolts made from Silicon Bronze are often used in applications that require high thermal conductivity. Because they are resistant to corrosion, Silicon Bronze hex bolts are ideal for marine applications and environments where moisture exposure is present, including plumbing and sewage applications. Silicon Bronze bolts are also often used in electrical circuitry applications due to the electrical conductivity properties of the material. Wink Global carries Silicon Bronze hex bolts in various sizes and diameters, all at wholesale prices.
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Silicon Bronze Hex Nuts

Like the hex bolts, Silicon Bronze hex nuts carry enhanced strength while providing exceptional corrosion resistance. Silicon Bronze hex nuts provide a high-quality, durable, and versatile fastening nut solution for numerous applications.
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Other Silicon Bronze Fasteners

Wink Global carries a limited stock of additional Silicon Bronze fasteners, including Silicon Bronze hex machine screws, pan machine screws, slotted flat machine screws, and flat washers.
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Order Premium Silicon Bronze 651 Fasteners from Wink Global at Discount Prices

Wink Global carries a limited stock of high-quality silicon bronze hex bolts, nuts, and other various fasteners at wholesale prices. If you are looking for discount silicon bronze fasteners, order today while supplies last!