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Titanium Fasteners

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Titanium is an extremely strong relative to its weight, lightweight corrosive-resistant material that provides excellent resistance to seawater and galvanic corrosion. Titanium retains strength in high-temperature environments, making it an excellent material for use in extreme conditions. Wink Global carries a limited supply of discounted titanium washers, nuts, and more. Order today before supplies run out!

Applications for Titanium Fasteners

Titanium fasteners are ideal for use in applications where a high strength-to-weight ratio is necessary. Because of its strength and resistance to corrosion, titanium is popular for use in aviation, aerospace, and marine environments. Titanium is also used widely in military-grade vehicles and equipment. Wink Global offers a limited stock of titanium fasteners that are commercial grade. Our fasteners are not rated for aerospace, aircraft, or professional racing applications.

Titanium Fastener Uses

Due to its exceptional corrosion resistance, titanium fasteners can be used in nearly any environment. Titanium’s combination of low density and high strength make it an ideal fastener material for applications that require high levels of stress, including:

  • Maritime vessels

  • Automotive equipment

  • Recreational racing vehicles

  • Military-grade equipment

Discount Titanium Fastener Options at Wink Global

At Wink Global, we carry a limited supply of high-quality titanium fasteners at wholesale prices. Find discounted titanium washers, nuts, and more at Wink Global.

Titanium Washers

Titanium washers provide superior durability and strength for any application. Titanium washers can handle high levels of stress and provide excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium washers can be used in marine and saltwater environments, providing protection from sodium chloride. Titanium washers also offer moderate resistance to hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid.
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Titanium Nuts

Titanium nuts are remarkably strong, offering superior strength for applications with high levels of stress and wear. Wink Global carries a limited supply of titanium hex nuts, nylon insert locknuts, hex machine screw nuts, and more.
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Other Titanium Fasteners

Wink Global carries a limited supply of additional titanium fasteners at discounted prices, including titanium hex bolts, machine screws, shoulder screws, socket cap screws, and more.
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Order Premium Titanium Fasteners from Wink Global at Discount Prices

Wink Global carries a limited stock of high-quality titanium washers, nuts, and other various fasteners at wholesale prices. If you are looking for titanium fasteners, order today while supplies last.