Carbon Steel Fasteners

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Carbon steel is one of the most common materials used for fastener production. Carbon steel offers a cost-effective fastener option with good strength. While carbon steel does not provide the same level of corrosion resistance as many other fastener metals, carbon steel fasteners and hardware can provide an economical solution for applications that do not require exposure to corrosive elements.

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Applications for Carbon Steel Fasteners

Because carbon steel is not corrosion resistant, it is a good material choice for applications that do not require exposure to corrosive elements. With its high tensile strength, carbon steel can be an excellent fastener metal when used in dry environments that do not experience high levels of humidity or moisture exposure. Carbon steel is also ideal for Allen wrenches and other hardware items that can be stored in dry, protected locations. Carbon steel is an affordable alternative to stainless steel and other metal fasteners, providing an economical option for high-volume machine parts.

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